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Southwest Airlines' Christmas Meltdown Shows How Corporations Deliberately Pit Consumers Against Low-Wage Workers

On Cue, Saudi and Weapons-Contractor-Funded Pundits Attack Bernie Sanders' Yemen War Powers Resolution

TV News Covered British Royal Visit 5,668% More Than Largest Academic Strike in U.S. History

The Most American News Story

Evening News, Sunday Morning Shows Ignore Largest Academic Strike in U.S. History

Midterm Voters Say Climate Change Was Just as Important as Crime. But Crime Got 3X More Coverage.

In Amazing Coincidence, Jeff Bezos Makes Meaningless Announcement He’s “Giving Way” Fortune After Stories of Racist Worker Abuse, Mass Amazon Layoffs

Associate Editors at Teen Vogue Are Not “The Elite”

Arguing Crime is Being Overhyped by the Media Is Not Denying the “Reality of Crime”

NYT Helps Right-Wing Media Spin Pelosi Attack as Story About San Francisco "Crime Wave”

When Media Speculate About “Potential GOP Attacks”, They’re Just Doing GOP Attacks

The Democrats' Guilty Conscience Laundromat

The Evergreen, Cop-Curated, Anti-Poor, Faux Investigative “Fare Evasion” Story

NYT Writes Sympathetic Profile on “Smaller Landlord” Who Owns 6,000 Apartments, Laments How Difficult It’s Become to Evict Poor People

TV News Did More Stories on Queen Elizabeth II in the Past 2 Weeks Than on Climate Change in the Past 2 Years

“Pro-Worker” Mike Rowe Mysteriously Silent as Rail Workers Fight For Sick Leave, Better Pay

Will Uygur and Kasparian Cover ACLU Lawsuit Detailing “Barbaric” L.A. Jails Young Turks Is Lobbying More People Go Into?

CNN Anchor's Smug Pot Shot At Striking Seattle Teachers Shows How Unions Are Casually Demonized in US Media

The Increasingly Inhumane Gimmicks Cities Are Relying on to “Solve” Homelessness

Ventriloquizing the Working Man: Classic Right-Wing Trope of Selectively Speaking on Behalf of The Poor and Put-Upon Has a Major Moment This Week

Andrew Yang and the Superficial Appeal of the “I’m Not Left or Right” Guy

TV News Is Ignoring the Eviction Crisis

People "Feel Unsafe" Because Visible Poverty Is Everywhere

During Record Heatwave NYT, WaPo, Atlantic Run 28 Stories on “Cancel Culture,” Zero on Over Heating Crisis in US Prisons

U.S. Media Helping Corporate America Union Bust, Repeal Criminal Reforms, by Mindlessly Citing ‘Crime’ as Excuse for Closures

Biden’s Routine, Unremarkable Saudi-Israel Trip and the Tedium of Western “Human Rights Concerns” Theater

Discussions of Biden’s Age Are a Distraction From the Actual Problem

The Economist Magazine, Which Helped Usher in Pinochet Dictatorship in 1973, Opposes Voters Overturning Pinochet Constitution

After the Norms

The “Split-Second Decision” Trope: Why Every Media Outlet Does the Exact Same Police Puff Piece on Shooter Simulators

CNN Primetime, NBC, ABC, and CBS Ignore Record-Breaking Heatwave in South Asia. Find Time to Run 33 Different Segments on Elizabeth II’s Jubilee.

Murder Spike in Rural, Red Counties Exposes Media’s Anti-Reform Double Standard

Western Media Insists Biden “Forced” Into Partnership With Saudi Arabia—Despite Decades of Uncritical, Unbroken U.S.-Saudi Alliance

NYT’s “Black Voters Want More Cops” Reporting Genre Cynically Conflates Desire for Public Safety With Demands for More Policing, Longer Sentences

After Uvalde, “Police Lie” Should Be the Default Position

“ISIS Bush Assassination” Story Has All the Markers of Overhyped FBI-Manufactured Narrative

CNN Runs Glowing Hagiography of UAE Dictator After His Death. Will the Network Ever Disclose How Much It’s Being Paid by the UAE?

Bill Gates’ Post-Divorce P.R. Tour Is Rewriting History of Elite Covid Failures

“Communicating Directly,” “Partners,” “Values" : Your Guide to New Age, Anti-Union CEO Speak

The Tucker Carlson Defense Brigade Is Getting Increasingly Goofy and Dull

Blaming the Woke Twitter Mob for Reactionary Politics, Part 45,608

The 4 Most Popular Anti-Union Talking Points and Why They're Wrong

Introducing the 2022 Democratic Party Midterm Loss Scapegoat Power Rankings

Apologies for the week off

Historic Amazon Union Victory Largely Ignored by CNN, Sunday Morning News Shows

Venerating Christian Smalls Is Perfectly Fine. The Left Needs Heroes—Now More Than Ever.

U.S. Media Correctly Cynical About Putin’s “Denazification” Pretext, Still Credulous About America's “Human Rights” and “Democracy” Pretexts

Not a Single Reporter Will Follow Up on Eric Adams’ Vague Promise of Placing Purged Homeless in “Healthy Living Conditions”

On Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings, “Culture War” Framing Obscures Degrading Racism on Display

Biden’s New Covid Czar Previously Dismissed Proposal to Expand Global Access to Covid Vaccines, Treatments, and Tests

Attacking Democrats From the Right: The Faux Adversarial Sweet Spot for U.S. Journalists

“Disinformation” Disinformation

The NYT’s casually racist, arrogant chauvinism in two paragraphs

“Interactions,” “Mental Health Intervention,” “Cleaning Up Encampments”: The Squishy Euphemisms Media Use to Make Liberals Feel Good About Criminalizing Homelessness

Last Night Biden Admitted the U.S. Environmentally Poisoned Iraq and Afghanistan, But Ignored the Impact on Iraqis and Afghans

Latest GOP Talking Point: Russia's Ukraine Invasion Happened Because of “Green Agenda”

The Atlantic published 10X more articles lamenting school Covid protocols than it did on the sunsetting of a Tax Credit that threw 3.7M children back into poverty.

Politico, Dem Consultants Dismiss Immigration, Police Reform as “Culture War’ Issues, Despite Materially Impacting Tens of Millions of Working People

On "Crack Pipe" Panic, Democrats Try to Fact Check Their Way Out of Important Ideological Battle

GOP’s New Fake Racist Meme for the Midterms—“Biden is Handing Out Crack Pipes”—Is Upon Us. The Consequences Could be Deadly.

On Record Covid Hospitalizations and ISIS Raid That Left 6 Children Dead, Media Asks: Will This Help Biden’s Approval Ratings?

As Biden Continues Trump's Cruel "Maximum Pressure" Campaign, U.S. Media Treats Crushing Iran's Economy as Anodyne "Diplomacy" "Toolkit"

New Data Shows 61% Rise in U.S. Prison Deaths in 2020. Only One (1) Media Outlet Reported On It.

Covid isn't a human being, it doesn't care what you think about it.

U.S. Media Celebrates Letting 18 Year Olds Drive Semi-Trucks, Parrots Industry Talking Points about Mythical “Labor Shortage”

As Disciplining Labor Becomes Priority Among Political Elite, Terms “Essential” and “Frontline” Worker Fall Out of Favor With NYT

Relying on Wall Street Front Groups, NYT Manufactures Conflict Between "Parents" and Teachers' Unions.

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