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In the ‘90s the U.S. Government Paid TV Networks to Weave “Anti-Drug” Messaging Into Their Plot Lines. Here Are the Worst Examples.

Pundits Whose Hearts Bled for the “People of Afghanistan” in August Now Silent About U.S. Sanctions Causing Mass Starvation of Afghans

The White House Would Have "Seen Omicron Coming" Had It Listened To Global South Countries Crying Out About Vaccine Patent Waivers

Build Back Better Is Shelved, DOD Budget Is Rubber Stamped, Pelosi Defends Congress Trading Stock, and Our Media Asks: Why Are Voters Cynical?

David Rothkopf Continues To Promote Himself as a “Democracy” Advocate While Taking Millions From Oppressive Gulf Dictatorship

CNN Segment on “Extremism” Equates Racism and Homophobia With “Prejudice Against Business People”

Chris Murphy’s Cynical, Nonsensical Betrayal on Yemen

Progressive Red-Baiting is Still Red-Baiting

Liberals Never Cared About Substantive Criminal Justice Reform, They Just Liked Slogans

With Democrat Back in White House, MSNBC Returns to Ignoring U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

Conservative CRT Panic, Liberal "Human Rights" Foreign Policy Rhetoric, and the Dangers of "City on a Hill" Mythologies

Saudi-Funded VICE Cries “Freedom” for Cuba, Mysteriously Silent on Saudi Human Rights Abuses

LA Times Columnist Incites Violence Against Homeless Encampment in Cruel Display of Narc Journalism

New “Free Inquiry” University Is Entirely Indifferent to the Most Silenced People in Our Society

We Don’t Need To Hear From the Architect of Clinton’s “Sister Souljah Moment” on the Problems With “Wokeness”

“Racially Tinged,” “White Anxiety,” “Racial Stumbles”: Top 10 NYT Euphemisms for Racism

The “Free Market” Will Not Save Us From Climate Crisis: 5 Lessons From the Pandemic

15 Years of “Sputnik Moments”: The National Security State’s Favorite Cliché to Bloat Its Already Obscene Budgets

For US Media, Massive Military Budgets Are “Must Pass” While Modest Climate Provisions Are “Progressive Wish List”

CNN, MSNBC Run Commentary Bashing Climate Legislation From Coal and Oil PR Flacks Without Disclosing Conflicts

On Reconciliation Bill, CNN Aired Horse Race Coverage 11X More than Substance

4 Major Plot Holes in the “Organized Crime Rings Are Closing Walgreens!” Narrative

The Real Estate Industry Is Successfully Lobbying Local Media to Ditch the Term “Landlord” for “Housing Provider”

The Actual Human Stakes of the Reconciliation Bill Are Being Ignored in Favor of “Left vs Moderate’ Horse Race Coverage

Lockheed Martin Is Lobbying Against Biden's Reconciliation Bill While Pushing Targeted Bailout of Weapons Industry

After This Week’s Sinema-Manchin Nihilist Standoff, Let Us Finally Retire the Label “Moderate”

Pressure Mounts on CNN to Disclose Business Relationship with UAE

Five Tropes Local TV News Uses to Dehumanize Homeless People

Mike Rowe’s New Show Is His Slickest Koch Commercial Yet

The Existence of Human Beings Is Not a “Crisis”—Our Nativist Response Is

The EU is Praised for Vaccine “Donations.” Behind Closed Doors, It Quietly Blocks Poor Countries' Efforts to Increase Vaccine Manufacturing.

CNN Won’t Say If It’s Running Undisclosed PR for a Gulf Dictatorship

New Study Shows $14 Trillion Price Tag for Post-9/11 Wars. Why Didn’t Jake Tapper Ever Ask “How We Will Pay For It”?

It’s Not Just Clueless Celebs: Behind the Faux Activist NGO Producing 'The Activist'

Editorial Boards, Sunday Morning Talk Shows Completely Ignore End of Pandemic Aid

U.S. Media’s Bogus ‘Worker Shortage’ Stories From Last Spring Predictably Helps Throw Millions Into Poverty

NPR’s Labor Day History Removes Radicals from Labor History, Recasts Milquetoast Liberal Reformers as Lone Heroes

The Soft Climate Denialism of Our Routine, Unexamined, Massive Military Budgets

“Texas Taliban”: Why Things Can Be Bad Without Being Foreign

Washington Post, NPR Manufacture “European” Opposition to Afghanistan Withdrawal

On Afghanistan Withdrawal, NYT’s Peter Baker Turns to Raytheon Board Member for Independent ‘Analysis’

Why I'm Moving Away From Twitter and Writing Again.