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Even After Netanyahu Admits Goal Is Forcible Population Transfers, US Media Ignores Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Aims

Samantha Power, Gaza, and the False Mea Culpas That Got Us Here

Every Liberal Institution Will Support a Ceasefire Eventually, It’s Simply a Matter of How Many Palestinians Must Die First

“Massacred” vs “Left to Die”: Documenting Media Bias Against Palestinians Oct 7 - Nov 7

Ritchie Torres Represents the Poorest District in the US. But He Mentions Israel 236% More Than He Mentions Poverty.

The Siren Song of ‘Gen Z’ Political Branding

Media Turns Random Trump Campaign Rally in Detroit Into “Trump Standing With Striking Autoworkers” Headlines

NYT Runs Pro-Saudi Op-ed Without Disclosing Op-ed Writer's Think Tank is Funded by Saudi Arabia

MSNBC, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News Ignore Extraordinary “Cop City” RICO Indictment

Corporate America’s Attempt to Rebrand Centrist Politics for Zoomers

Our ‘Fines Only’ Approach to Child Labor Exploitation Exposes Tough on Crime Crowd's Double Standard

Biden Administration Funding and Training Saudi Death Squads Exposes Lie of ‘Defensive’ Arms Sales

Washington Post Continues to Lie About Social Security and Life Expectancy

“AI” Hype as Pretext for Labor Misclassification

Anderson Cooper’s Feigned Indignation at the Idea the U.S. Commits War Crimes Shows Primary Ideological Function of U.S. Media

Note from Adam at The Column

Media Frames UPS Strike as Harming You, the “Consumer” and Protagonist of Reality

US Media Hype Yet Another Fake “ISIS” Plot, This Time Targeting a Teenager With History of Mental Problems

ABC, CBS and NBC Evening News Reports on Canadian Wildfires Ignore Climate Change’s Role Entirely

On "Debt Ceiling Drama”, Media Promote Tiresome ‘Clowns in Congress’ Trope

CNN Is Still Running State Propaganda for a Dictatorship and No One Cares

The Cruel Irrationality of Our ‘Deserved vs. Undeserved Poor’ Moral Framework in Two Paragraphs

As TV Writers Strike, US Media Uncritically Echoes Film Studio Execs’ Bogus “AI Writer” Hype

Our Media Is Fueling Vigilantism Against Homeless People

Chicago Tribune Has Published 10X More Editorials on Jussie Smollett Hoax Than on Lead Pipes Poisoning Poor Children

3 Media Tactics the Right Will Use to Undermine Brandon Johnson

Throwing the Poor Crumbs Isn’t “Increasing Access”

CNN, Sunday Morning Shows Completely Ignore Up To 15 Million Americans Being Thrown Off Medicaid

Conditioning Aid is Better Than Nothing, But Bernie Sanders Should Just Demand the US Cut Off Israel Military Aid Altogether

The Line Must Be Drawn Here

Media Continue to Blame Pro-Child Labor Bills on “Labor Shortage” Rather than Routine Corporate Greed

The Tyranny of the ‘Not Surprised’ Guy

NYT Child Labor Report, Govt Response, Shows How Corporate Child Exploitation Is Simply Not a “Crime”

To NYT’s Peter Baker, Acknowledging Trans People’s Existence Is “Activism,” Openly Advocating for Perpetual U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan Isn’t

MSNBC, Sunday Morning News Shows Completely Ignore Ohio Chemical Derailment

US Media’s “Chinese Spy Balloon” Meltdown Shows Intellectual Vacuity of “National Security” Coverage

Washington Post Editorial on the Tyre Nichols Murder Shows Liberal Reformers Are All Out of Ideas—Even Fake Ones

Despite “Costing Taxpayers” $366 Million, NYPD Overtime Overages Get Zero Critical Coverage in “Fare Evasion” Obsessed NY Media

4 Euphemisms Our Media Uses to Avoid Talking About the Rightwing Incitement Campaign Against Trans People