In addition to the ethnic cleansing it's wild that anyone thinks adding ANOTHER (far more severe) refugee crisis on top of the 50 we already have is a good idea. El-Sissi probably doesn't give a shit about participating in displacement, but like everyone he doesn't want millions of impoverished, traumatized refugees dumped into his country.

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Whilst I strongly disagree with throwing a whole population of people out of their own land and home,I believe I understand why our media are so tight lipped about the subject,it is basically political and professional suicide to say anything adverse about the Israeli government,even as they are TOTALLY wrong,they are engaging in ethnic cleansing and genocide,but no one in the public media dares to call this outrageous behavior out.This is also why Biden isn't saying much either,it is a taboo subject,even as completely shameful and tragic it is.He is between the lines calling it out,but his advisors and his years of Congressional experience demand he must be muted about it.

This is also why there are people howling about the university protests,because they are against Israeli government overreach.I believe this is very long overdue,because it is necessary to stand up to this behavior.

There are clearly Geneva Convention rules of war being blatantly broken in plain sight,and even the UN has to be subtle in mentioning it, because of this ridiculous taboo.

Whilst I also agree that Israel deserves to exist,they are totally wrong in what they are being allowed to get away with,in their horrible treatment of innocent civilians in this war they claim is only against Hamas.It seems to me that very few Hamas are actually dying and a ridiculous amount of civilians are being systematically wiped off the map,on purpose.

You are exactly correct that if Russia was doing this to Ukraine or any other European country,the fight would immediately be on and the condemnation would be universal.Why not with this situation?Wrong is wrong is wrong,I don't give a damn who it is.Period.And Netamyahu is taking full advantage of the taboo against speaking out against him.And he's being allowed to commit genocide against Palestine as we watch.

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Good People don't build concentration camps or do ethnic cleansing, those are things that only Bad People do, and should be punished for doing so. We (the US, Israel, our allies) are inherently Good People, so therefore, we do not do those things. Anyone who says otherwise, or has evidence to the contrary, is actually a Bad Person trying to convince you that We are Not Good People. Therefore they must be punished, because that is what the Good People do to Bad People.

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