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Nov 1, 2022Liked by Adam Johnson

Excellent article. I come from a large Catholic, Midwestern family who are or have been liberal Democrats (with some farther left). With this horrible event, I've been shocked into the reality that my family living in San Fransisco (in Marin Co) are now hard rightwing.

They forwarded the article by Michael ShellenBooger to me from their subscription to his Substack. I know people have been dealing with a lot of family friction about politics which has intensified over the past seven years. But I didn't see this coming. Things have become so intractable, it's futile to change people's minds. And the media, rightwing and mainstream, are the problem. Especially the NYT and WaPo. I ended my subscriptions to them a few years ago based on the reasons you state. It seems like the average vocabulary used keeps dwindling. Have you guys got any stats on that? Can't wait for CN this week to make me feel better!

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