The statistical analysis provided here speaks volumes as to the bias of American media in reporting on Israel and Palestine.

Despite this, likely the most propagandized war in my lifetime, nearly 70% of Americans want to cease-fire less than 1/3 support sending weapons to Israel.

This is such great and helpful work.

I understand his desire, and perhaps need for anonymity, but having a name attached to this work will make a big difference in utilizing it to educate and inform.

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This almost sounds like "White Woman Syndrome"in US reporting,if a woman of color,(Black,Hispanic,Asian,and sadly especially Indigenous)disappears,it isn't as extensively covered in the news.All disappearances and deaths are tragic,but it's the bias that's noticeable.We are meant to feel more sorrow for a white woman.

This is also true of abducted kids,when a white child disappears,it is more extensively reported in the news.Again,any child being harmed is tragic.And the news should reflect that,no matter what child is harmed.

I have also noticed that when the news media refers to deaths in Israel verses Palestine,the former is a tragedy,and called murders by terrorists,but the latter is made to sound like it's necessary to "fight terrorists".I feel that all the civilians deaths are tragic,and especially in Palestine,none of these people should be caught in the middle of this.

It is so messed up that the antagonists,Hamas and Netanyahu's government (which even the Israeli citizens are divided over)are equally determined to wipe out the other.Peace cannot be achieved in this situation.Both sides are at fault,and it's time to stop being afraid to say so.I do not "hate"Isreal or Palestine,and most people only want peace for both peoples.To say is it hatred to ask for accountability for either side is just absurd.When we refuse to expect accountability then we basically give someone a blank check to do anything they want to, whether moral or immoral,legal or illegal,you get the idea.

I am on the side of all the civilians,and we all should be.It is tragic that any entity wants to destroy either sides innocent civilians,and there has to be a way out of this.First we need to hold both sides accountable,and then make any outsiders be compelled to stay out of it.Stop threating a country just because you don't want their existence.That is shameful to even write,let alone think.Both countries absolutely have the right to exist,in peace and safety.This is the goal that should be achieved,not constant endless fighting to no end.

In particular this business of condemning people for asking for empathy for Palestinians needs to stop,again,asking for this is NOT synonymous with Hating Israel.No one is hating anybody.The only thing that is being asked for is peace in the region,to give Palestine an actual country of their own,that no one can just walk up and take away,and for people to also leave Isreal in peace,and yes it is okay for them to exist too.

There should not be hatred for either Jewish people or for Islamic people.I know people who are both,and I care equally for them as friends.Both are children of Abraham.(as all of us are!)and the lies spread about them are sorry excuses to cause harm to them, especially in our country.We can do better by them,and also have the expectation that everyone else do better by them.They are people,and that's all that should matter.Let's stand the gap for them all.

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There are so many more points to this that are not covered. The US government’s relationship with Israel.

The subtle implications that JEWISH Israelis are “white”, when a majority are actually part of the Sephardic diaspora.

There’s some fucked competition between who has more dead, which is so sick.

Fox News being a known and acknowledged far-right channel, so, while though a main network, taken with a grain of salt by MOST citizens.

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